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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fishin with friends

Took my buddy Jared fishing today and had a great time. Went to a local lake near by and caught a nice bass. Jared hooked up to a nice bass but it got off. Here's a pic of the bass i caught.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bass fishing at a local lake

I went fishing at a lake i haven't been to in about 3 months. I had such a fun time seeing that i ended up with 7 nice bass. My largest of the day was around 7lbs and put up a killer fight! Here are some pics of most of the bass..i wasn't able to take pics of 1-2 of them. I was able to take a short video of my bigger fish..although the video doesn't do the fish justice, i did manage to film it a little bit. In the video i call the bass 8lb's..but it ended up being 7 when i weighed it. I apologize for the video cutting off at the end because of battery trouble. I cant wait to go fishing again!

Day of bass fishing on the Butler Chain

Yesterday my friend J.J. invited me to go with him and his brother for a day of fishing on the Butler chain of lakes. We had a blast fishing and hanging out on the water, I caught a small bass around 2lbs. and his brother caught a 2lb. bass as well. Here's some pictures of the fish. Thanks for inviting me J.J.! I had a blast!

Monday, March 14, 2011

The cast is off!

Friday I had my cast taken off, such a relief. I'm so thankful the doctors said there is no need for surgery. So for the next month I'm in a fracture boot and will start physical therapy on my own with some small exercises prescribed by my doctor. After a month I'll go back and start real physical therapy for one more month. Here's a pic. of my fracture boot.

Friday, March 11, 2011

My Mom on the Best Life Barb Show

Congratulations! To my Mom for being the guest of last night's Best Life Barb woman's radio talk show. Mrs. Barb interviewed her about our adoption of Hope and the impact it has made on us as a family. I had a great time listening to the show and hearing the story through my moms eyes as the mother.

For more about Hope and her story visit: http://waitingforhope.org/

For more about the Best Life Barb show visit: http://bestlifebarb.com/

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Hey, thanks for checking out my site! Keep Checking back in for more post.

, Austin Brady

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ankle Update II

Only eleven more days till I get my cast off! Once I get my cast off, I'll receive a fracture boot that can come on and off allowing my ankle to get used to walking again. Therapy will also be needed once the cast is removed, so I'll be doing that as well. It's killing me not to be able to go fishing but I can't wait till I can. We still don't know if surgery is needed so hopefully all goes well with that situation. Thanks for reading, I'll post later with any more news.