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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Double Fluke Rig

Today I was doing some research on a rig called the "double fluke rig". This rig is one that has to flukes on the same line. The way I look at it, you get double the chance of catching a fish, double the action of a regular fluke and you have the chance to catch two fish at the same time! So, its a new thing Ive been playing around with today and as far as i know it works! Caught a nice 2lb. bass this afternoon at one of my local lakes and was so stoked to catch it on my new set up. Heres the fish and a picture of the double fluke rig.

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  1. Have been doing a lot of research on this rig.Wondering if I should use a bead between the swivels for knot protection, then I came across your picture of how you rig. You have the best way of rigging the double fluke or donkey rig I have seen. So glad you shared this. Thank you!


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