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Friday, January 28, 2011

Spinner Bait Fishing

Went fishing tonight and caught a 4lb. bass on my black spinner bait. I was unable to take a picture of it but it fought hard and was a blast to catch. This time of year spinner baits and some small crank/ slash baits are ideal for cold weather fishing. Fishing soft plastics will still work, but the bass are more picky during these cold winter months. During colder weather bass are not as active as the warmer summer months. Because of this we use baits that deliver a lot of action and are not to fast or slow in their presentation. This is ideal for spinner bait usage, spinner baits can be worked at different speeds depending on location, time of day or just preference of the bass at that moment. Depending on water clarity you will use different blades and skirt colors for your spinner bait. If the water is pretty clear and it is around mid-day, i always go with a white colored skirt with a willow leaf blade " thin and long blade". When its closer to night time i usually go with a darker colored skirt, this helps your bait look more realistic during the evening hours. A Colorado blade "short and round blade" is used for later day fishing mostly rather than day time because of the action it puts out, this attracts fish at night.

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